For more than 200 years, Lincoln Academy has served the educational needs of eighteen towns
in midcoast Maine. As we move into the 21st Century, an excellent education requires a much
greater awareness of the larger world. Our local students must now be global citizens in ways
that none of us could ever have imagined. In 2011, LA initiated a Residential Program to bring
international students to this community. This program expands the depth and breadth of our
educational programs and encourages new learning and cultural opportunities for all LA students
and community members.
With these educational objectives in mind, the Residential Program brings new students to LA in
a time of declining school enrollment. As the state of Maine limits the public funding of tuition,
the Residential Program provides tuition revenue that is more in line with the actual cost of an
LA education. The additional students will allow us to stabilize our enrollment and maintain the
courses and extracurricular offerings for our local student population that would otherwise be
jeopardized by a shrinking local population. To this end, LA will be welcoming 32 residential
students in September 2013. Eight of these students will be placed with host families and an
additional 24 students will live in the newly renovated Hall House. Looking toward the future,
the Board of Trustees voted at their January meeting to build a 20 to 40-student residence hall
on campus. The new dormitory will open in the fall of 2014. This will bring our total residential
population to 44-64 students and may include boarders from Maine (such as from our island
communities) as well as other areas from across the country and overseas.
LA is committed to its role as a community school while also looking for ways to ensure its
strength and vibrancy in coming years. The Residential Program will help to accomplish this as it
draws students from around the world, creates new educational possibilities for all LA students,
and builds bridges between the school and local communities.