Following a snowstorm, our weekly visit to the Y.M.C.A turned into a sledding trip to the Damariscotta River Association (DRA). When someone hears sledding, they don’t think Physical Education credit. Let’s take a closer look as to what makes up a sledding trip that could cause any kind of improvement in our physical stature. I’m not claiming that sledding every day will get you as ripped as a bodybuilder, but you will shed quite a few calories going up and down the hill.

Sledding wasn’t the only activity that we managed to pull off on our outing. Boys will be boys.


Here we see the stockpile of the two teachers, Jake and Luke. It was a short-lived fight against the five students. (Our pile was bigger and better too.)

Getting to the bottom of the hill, sometimes you wanted to sit there and rest in preparation for the long hike back up.

Everyone just relaxing after many trips up and down the hill. From left to right:

Christopher Lovejoy Michael Johnson, Austin Dodge and Jacob Firth

After just a few more flurries of flying snowballs, we decided to call it quits for the day and head back. It was starting to get about that time anyway and everyone was on the last legs of their energy.

Loaded up and homebound…. Well kinda.  Jake still needed to get himself on the bus and stop taking pictures.

Written by: Christopher Lovejoy (’14)