The following essay was submitted as a part of a Senior English project by a graduating Senior in Alternative Education.  The student asked to remain anonymous – but was willing to let others read about the journey.


Seared Pages

Everyone has a story.  Every person we have encountered, from stranger to friend, has his or her own personality, which has been defined by their story. We create these stories by just being alive. From sunset to sundown, dawn to dusk, we write a new page. All of our stories, our tales, our own novels have the exact same title…

Khalil Gibran-an artist, poet, and writer-once said: “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”  For my story, that quote would be the theme. So many events and tragic battles have shaped me into the person I am today. No matter how many times I have fallen, I’ve always stood back up or have been picked up by so many incredible people. I’ve been beaten and bruised. I have fought for so many and for myself. I’ve been through what feels like war, having to figure out who were my allies and enemies. But not all has been so horrific. I’ve known happiness. I’ve known love. I’ve know beautiful friendships and sisterhood. I’ve been embraced and cared for, as well as pushed away and torn apart. I am strong and determined and brave more than ever, because of all that I have face. I am a fighter and will succeed at anything I put my heart into.

I’ve seen my mother be beaten by her husband. I’ve been beaten by the same guy. My family was torn apart and into pieces over so many lies and so much abuse. Even though I have felt like my world has totally imploded in on itself, more times than I can count, everyday I wake up knowing things will get better. I’ve been homeless before. I’ve had to scrounge for food, walk miles to food banks, I dropped out of school to take care of my family, and try every way to keep my life and my family’s life together. But no matter how many times I’ve been beaten, bruised, hurt, lied to, or felt completely lost-I’ve always had faith.

The bottom line to this story, is that no matter what you go through you can always come out on top as long as you keep your faith and confidence in yourself.

I’ve survived all of this because I kept my strength. I now have my own place, I’m graduating high school, and my family and I are finally in a good place.

I tell you this not just to share my story, but to show you how even though with all of this resting inside my pages, I smile. I laugh. I see tomorrow and I know what I want to come of it. It’s what you fight for.

Everyone has the chance to have a bright future.

My drive, my passion, my determination comes from all that fate has thrown at me. All of the dirt I’ve swallowed ,and the scars I’ve earned are battle wounds. They have made me strong. And any story of yours, will do the same.

Everyone has their story. I pick up my pen and write with a steady hand, and a steady heart. Though I wasn’t in control of the seared pages in the past, I am in control now. I full heartedly know what to write next. And you can too.

Anonymous: Graduating Senior, Class of 2014