Within the first days of school at Lincoln Academy, the Teague Street staff surprised the Alternative Education Program (Alt. Ed.) students with an exciting, and for some, a scary surprise. Students weren’t told where the field trip would be taking place until we were on the bus, and on the road.


When the cat was out of the bag, approximately half of the group, including me, was drenched in fear. When the group arrived at Monkey C Monkey Do in Wiscasset, we entered the building and placed name tags on our chests. Then we watched a safety video and headed out onto the course. We were brought to a place on the course where a director taught us the rules of the course. Then we chose our partners for the buddy system, and it was us against the course. I myself was scared senseless, but thanks to the buddy system I had a partner who was more than supportive, and helped me get through.


I may have only made it through one small section of the climbing course, but that wasn’t the meaning of the trip. The reason for the trip to this specific place was to build relationships throughout the group, to conquer our fears, and feel good about our achievements. I conquered the bungee swing, whereas someone else may have conquered the first climbing level. As long as we were proud of ourselves that’s all that mattered.


Everyone was very supportive of each other.That’s what I like most about this group is we all support each other like a family. I joined the Alt. Ed. program this year, and I’m grateful to have been accepted to this group so easily. I fit right in. I see all of us as puzzle pieces that fit in with each other perfectly. This field trip was just one of many, the many that will come in the future. All are intended to challenge our minds and physical abilities. I’m really looking forward to what this year will bring and I’m sure the rest at Teague Street do as well.

 Written by:  Rochel Beaucage (Class of 2016)