LA Boarding students ---- hold up the painting they are donating to the school in honor of Lunar New Year.  It celebrates the Year of the Goat.

LA Boarding students Monica Hao ’17, Poppy Dong ’15, Thanh Tran ’15, and Shuoyao Li ’16 hold up the painting they are donating to Lincoln Academy to celebrate Lunar New Year and the Year of the Goat.

Story by Quong Ngoc (Su) Dam, LA Class of ’16.

As Asia’s influence and population continues to grow, one of its biggest traditions is now more and more known and celebrated all over the globe: Lunar New Year. We, here at Lincoln Academy, celebrate Lunar New Year as the biggest celebration of the year, as a majority of our residential students come from Asia.

This year’s activities and events are all organized by proctors (residential student leaders) who did a really good job to provide everyone with a much closer look on the Lunar New Year celebration. Their first idea was to decorate the hallway, the gym and the dining commons with traditional decorations. Within two days, everywhere was nicely decorated with Chinese writings and hand-made papercut of this year’s zodiac animal, the goat. The most impressive part of the decoration was this giant picture of the goat.

Amazing as the decorations were, the presentation that residential students gave was even more spectacular. The three students who represented their countries (David Kim, from Korea, Poppy Dong, from China, and and Lumin, from Vietnam) did a fantastic job describing the traditional Lunar New Year in each country and brought us a new image of how different it gets in different countries around Asia. They are not the same at all!

For the final event, residential students provided a meal with dishes made by students who come from all over the world. This dinner was a unique experience for each and every individual as they would be taking part in the world of food that maybe they have never seen before!

With everything brought in together, this year’s Lunar New Year celebration has inspired everyone with extraordinary experience and created a new breeze in the community!