LA Junior Elise Dumont is the new Student Body President.

LA Junior Elise Dumont is the new Student Body President.

Congratulations to Junior Elise Dumont, Lincoln Academy’s new Student Body President. Elise was elected last week by vote of the entire LA student body. Her term begins immediately.

“Student Body President terms start in the spring so that we start each fall with a president who is ready to welcome the classes back in September, and has experience when the new Student Council is elected,” explains history teacher and Student Council Advisor Brian O’Mahoney.

He continues, “I hope that under Elise’s leadership the LA Student Council will grow in its role as an agent of positive change and student empowerment, and a forum for the airing of concerns and ideas. At its best, Student Council serves as live, working group of student leaders who can act a liaison between students and the administration. This is especially important in a changing, growing school community. Elise is a powerful young woman, and I have great faith in her ability to lead the Student Council in its next steps.”

What are Elise’s plans for the LA Student Council? “I’m excited to have a new leadership role on the Student Council. I want to use this new role to not only improve communication between the student body and the administration, but to make improvements through that communication.”

Elise will serve as Student Body President until February of 2016.