The Damariscotta River Association has been nice enough to let us borrow skates from them and use their rink on the week days. In return, we gladly help them clean up the rink from the snow storms. All it takes is a little shoveling and we are ready to go.


Soon enough we are lacing our skates!


And scrambling around on the ice!


For the students who have never ice skated, or have only tried it once or twice, it is always nice to ask for help from a friend for a hand to balance with or a pull across the ice.

DSC_1677 DSC_1672


Of course, some of us loved the ice so much we could hardly be away from it. We just wanted to get as close to that ice as we could. That’s what Kaan was thinking. Sure.


And Thanh.


Other students were ready for more complicated ice skating and played some hockey.

DSC_1691 DSC_1692

It was a lovely afternoon twirling around on the ice with friends.