Rowan Carroll-Christopher ’15, (L) as Hecuba, and Thalia Eddyblouin ‘17 (R) as Andromache both won acting awards for their roles in Lincoln Academy’s One Act Play, The Trojan Women, adapted from the original Greek Tragedy by Euripides.

Lincoln Academy’s One Act cast and crew delivered their finest performance of “The Trojan Women” to date on March 21, wowing a full house during the final performance of the weekend at Stearns High School in Millinocket. Judges commented on the students’ “engaging performances and strong focus,” and called the play “gorgeous,” “vigorous,” “compelling. They said that the “set and actors blended seamlessly,” among other positive feedback. The troupe was awarded runner up in Class B, behind a strong comedic production from Yarmouth.

State Festival Judges awarded Lincoln Academy students awards to Gabby Kimball for Music (Drumming), to Rowan Carroll-Christopher and Thalia Eddyblouin for acting, and to the entire Cast and Crew for set design. “The feedback from both the judges and the audience members was incredibly positive,” said Griff Braley, Lincoln Academy Performing Arts Teacher and Director of “The Trojan Women,” “The whole ensemble performed professionally on stage and off. Lincoln can be very proud of these kids, as they poured themselves into this project, heart and soul. We saw tremendous growth in our kids, both personally and as performers.”