Sophomore Noelle Timberlake was awarded the "Outstanding Soloist" award for her solo in the African American spiritual, "Good News", arranged by Ken Berg.

Sophomore Noelle Timberlake was awarded the “Outstanding Soloist” award for her solo in the African American spiritual, “Good News”, arranged by Ken Berg.

Over 40 Lincoln Academy singers spent the weekend of March 12-15​ in New York City. ​The choirs attended a performance of Les Misérables on Broadway​, went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, went ice skating at Rockefeller Center, and participated in a Broadway workshop with Les Mis actor, Jason Forbach. They also performed at Riverside Church as part of the ​World Strides Heritage Festival, in which choirs from around the country compete in front of judges. The choirs funded the trip through various fundraisers and the generosity of sponsors.

​The choir performances during the Riverside Church festival were strong enough​ ​to earn win gold-level​ plaques from the adjudicators. Sophomore Noelle Timberlake was awarded an Outstanding Solist Award for her solo in the African American spiritual “Good News,” arranged by Ken Berg.
Singers got constructive criticism from all 3 judges in person and in written form.
choir with plaques

Lincoln Academy Seniors and Choir Members (L to R) Cole Wentworth , Ashley Giles, Eli Ganem, and Rowan Carol-Christopher hold the Gold Medal plaques the LA Choirs won at the World Strides Heritage Festival in New York City.

“There is much we do very well, and much to learn,” said director, Beth Preston. “Never in my entire 33 years of working with teenagers have I experienced such grace under fire, trustworthiness, and basic goodness to each other, our chaperones, and our bus driver. By allowing young people to travel away from their familiar surroundings, we help them learn more about the broader world, themselves, and the small pleasures of home that they miss and appreciate.”