Kate Laemmle '16 is the new

Kate Laemmle ’16 is the new Youth Spokester for the Central Lincoln County STEM Guides Project.

by Lynne Farrin of the Central Lincoln County STEM Guides Program.

Kate Laemmle joins the Central Lincoln County STEM Guides project, filling the role of Youth Spokester for the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance’s NSF-funded project. Kate’s role in the project will be to help uncover opportunities and connect other youth in the mid-coast region to fun and engaging out of school activities in science, math, engineering and technology (STEM).  In addition to helping review and add local STEM resources to a searchable online resource bank of youth activities such as teams, camps and clubs (http://steminme.org/resources/), she will assist with the start up a Teen Science Café. Teen Science Cafes are informal, interactive programs lead by high schoolers where teens can participate in lively discussions and hands-on activities with scientists and engineers.
Laemmle, a junior at Lincoln Academy, is no stranger to STEM.  Her interest started early, stating “Science and mathematics have always been an integral part of my life. Ever since I was little, I was fascinated with the natural world.” As a middle schooler, Kate was part of the Robotics team and Energy Explorers, a group that looked at sustainable energy and learned about solar panels – work that eventually lead to getting some panels for the school. During the spring of her sophomore year, Kate attended Coastal Studies for Girls, a semester school focusing on Marine Science and Leadership. She explains: “Almost every day I was able to do hands on science: trekking out to mudflats to take soil samples, or doing plankton tows to observe phytoplankton, such as cnidarians and ctenophores. One pinnacle of my semester was a month long, independent science project, where I measured and observed where the highest amount of microplastic was in the different depths of the surrounding water.” Kate’s continued perusing her interests in high school by taking physics, chemistry, and biology.”  Biology has been my favorite science so far because I love to understand how the microscopic interactions of macromolecules ultimately correlates to behavioral functions of organisms and populations.”  Kate also manages to find time for other passions, which including music, sports and debate.

Kate says “I am extremely happy to be a STEM Youth Spokester because I love science. It is absolutely essential for STEM to be in schools, especially at a very early age. There are so many amazing opportunities in the community for youth to further develop their interests in Lincoln County, but some of it can be hard to find. I hope I can add a voice to this program and help tailor offerings, so that many other kids can find and develop their interests, just like I have.

“We are finding that there are many rich STEM resources available to youth in area” says Lynn Farrin, Lead CLC STEM Guide, “and having Kate join the team will be a tremendous benefit as she brings a valued youth voice and perspective to this work.” More information about the STEM Guides project can be found at mmsa.org or by contacting Lead STEM Guide Lynn Farrin at lfarrin@mmsa.org 592.8927. The CLC STEM Guides Facebook page has up-to-date information about local STEM events in the region.