CLYNK Service Manager Jo DiPofi (with microphone) presents a check to the Lincoln Academy Climate Action Club for $3090.85 for winning this year’s CLYNK bottle return competition. This is Lincoln Academy’s fourth consecutive victory in this statewide contest.

The Lincoln Academy Climate Action Club continued their unbroken winning streak with a fourth consecutive victory in the statewide CLYNK bottle collection competition. The CLYNK competition, organized by Hannaford Supermarkets, rewards the schools who collect and return the most bottles and cans with the redeemed value plus prize money for the highest number of bottles collected. On Friday, May 8, CLYNK representative Jo DiPofi, the retail service manager for CLYNK, presented the LA Climate Action Club with a check for $3090.85. That total includes $1780.85 in bottle returns, plus $810.04 bonus from Hannaford, plus $500 in first prize money from CLYNK.

Any school in Maine can enter the CLYNK competition, which takes place annually from February to April. CLYNK standings are based on the number of containers per student at a given school. To win this competition Lincoln Academy, which competes in the larger schools category for schools with over 400 students, returned over 35,000 containers during the three month competition.

On their website, CLYNK explains their mission this way: “CLYNK transforms redeemable bottles and cans into environmental action.  CLYNK is a Maine company that started in 2006 with a mission to make recycling easier for everyone. We believe that if we can make it easy to return your bottles and cans, you’ll recycle more. More recycling is good for Maine and good for the planet.”

LA sophomore Essie Martin, co-president of Climate Action Club, said “Winning this year just tops off a great year for Climate Action Club. We have installed a water bubbler that has saved over 3000 plastic water bottles. With our winnings this year I believe we are continuing in our goal to make the school self-sufficient.”

The CLYNK effort has been led for years by Lincoln Academy Climate Action Club faculty advisor and science teacher Charlie Scimone. He said, “The CLYNK program allows us to work on recycling, while at the same time fundraising for projects that help make our school greener.” Past projects funded by CLYNK winnings include solar panels on the school roof and a water bubbler that reduces the use of disposable plastic water bottles. The club is still discussing how they will use this year’s prize money. Two possibilities are a live cam on the osprey nest near the school, and more solar panels.

What is the key to winning the CLYNK competition year after year?  Mr. Scimone has a one word answer: “Dedication.”