There have been some changes to the LA technology policy regarding student computers. Unlike in recent years, LA students can now choose to have a school-issued Chromebook, or opt out and use their own personal device (loaded with appropriate software) instead. Please read the letter below for more details, including a link to pay the Chromebook accident coverage fee.

In the 2015-2016 school year students may opt-in to Lincoln Academy one-to-one computing program and be provided with a Chromebook, charger and case. Students should always carry the Chromebook inside the provided case. Students should leave chargers at home to prevent theft and damage. The Chromebook remains the property of Lincoln Academy and LA reserves the right to institute other disciplinary procedures and/or removal of privileges with regards to the Chromebook in the event of issues that affect the student’s learning, the education of others, or issues of appropriate use.

If you opt-in to the one to one program to receive a Chromebook, you must pay the protection plan fee – a yearly fee of $25 to cover the first incident of accidental damage. If a family qualifies under the Federal School Lunch program and has completed the relevant paperwork with LA, the fee is reduced to $15. This fee may be paid online (preferable for faster service) or by cash or check to Lincoln Academy. Coverage by this plan is mandatory to receive a Chromebook. Please understand that theft, loss, willful destruction, negligence or abuse of the Chromebooks is not covered by the plan and will be referred to school administrators and/or police for investigation. Students will not receive a Chromebook until this fee has been paid and recorded by the business office.

Students may also opt-out of this program if they can reliably bring their own device (PC/Mac laptop, Chromebook,  iOS/Android tablet ). Students may use their own device on the LA network if the following requirements are met: student registers their device correctly on the LA wireless network, current security software is installed (Avast EDU – download here for free) and system updates have been performed (Mac OS X and Win7+ systems only – WinXP and earlier will NOT be accepted). Students and families must understand that if a student pledges to bring their own device, they must be prepared to bring it to school whenever needed – students who are unprepared to class may suffer academic consequences.

Lincoln Academy can help students who choose to bring their own devices to insure those devices through Worth Avenue. Please contact the school if you are interested in information about coverage.

If at any point students decide that change their choice, and either opt in or opt out of a school-owned Chromebook, they must contact the school.

ALL students must adhere to the Responsible Use Policy for Student Computer and Internet Use as found in the student handbook, available online at