Hindley Wang '17 Shanghai, China

Hindley Wang ’17
Shanghai, China

This school year couldn’t be more exciting with the new Class of 2019 joining us! Look around and you’ll find many exciting changes here on The Hill that will ensure us a fresh learning experience at Lincoln.

Eagle LogoGET EXCITED! We’ll enjoy the new William A. Clark turf field, new faculty members, new programs, and even a brand new LA logo!

GET READY! We have a new version of the class schedule this school year with different advisory times, lengthened periods for science, and a single 40-minute-long lunch period for all classes. We also have a new student union in Hall House that serves freshly-made sandwiches, snacks, and a smoothie bar for lunch period!

GET INVOLVED! Lincoln has invited several new faculty members this year to offer us the opportunity to learn authentic foreign languages and to experience emerging technology such as 3D-printing, a CNC machine, and computer programing to introduce us to the traditional engineering world, etc. An opening Club Fair is being held on September 10 to give an idea of the wide assortment of clubs we have here at Lincoln.

Last but not least, GET STARTED, Eagles! Let’s make this a year to remember!