The Residential Program at Lincoln Academy has a history of volunteerism. We consider it a privilege to be living in such a wonderful community and we like to give back in any way we can. That’s why, for the past three years now, we’ve made sure to help with delivering Thanksgiving meals. The Food Pantry, along with local churches and other organizations, have gathered together to help give food to families in need. This year we delivered over 230 meals to families in Lincoln county.

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Volunteering is not just a chance for our students to give back to the community; it is also a way for us to meet the community!! Every time the residential students venture out and help, they get a chance to befriend locals and show them that even though some were born halfway around the world, we all have the same core values. This holiday season, and throughout the year, we hope you all get the chance to volunteer in your community and to help make someone’s life just a little bit better by giving them that helping hand.