At Lincoln Academy, about 10% of our student population celebrates Lunar New Year. Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Chinese students all share in the holiday, which holds the same basic themes for all of the different countries: reunion with family, honoring of elders and ancestors, gift giving, and a vacation from work.

Lunar New Year has been called by many the “world’s largest annual human migration”. While celebrating the Lunar New Year in China, for instance, billions of people travel from the big cities that they work in and travel to their hometowns in rural areas. More than 10% of the city of Beijing leaves for the holiday. In recognition of this migration, public schools in New York City have made the Lunar New Year a school holiday. Here at Lincoln Academy, many of our students did not travel home for the holiday, though many may have wished to. With the help of some adults, our student leader’s led their peers in the making of a giant feast for the evening of the New Year.

Angela Fagin, a local chef famous for making Jyang Lee’s Dumplings sold throughout the state, was invited to teach the students in how to make traditional Chinese dumplings.


We even made the dumpling dough and rolled it.

DSC_0468 DSC_0482

Outside of the dining commons, several students made traditional Korean barbecue.

In the middle of a snow storm.

DSC_0502 DSC_0500

In other places on campus, students were making Vietnamese and Korean dishes.


So much food! We all reveled in the making of our own food and most especially in the eating of it!


We may not have gotten to travel far; it was our hope to bring a little bit of Lunar New Year home to us.