Avery Lowe '18 tries out a new FitDesk in the LA Library Annex.

Avery Lowe ’18 tries out a new FitDesk in the LA Library Annex.

by Cathi Howell

We are pleased to announce that the Lincoln Academy library now has two FitDesks in place, thanks to a generous local sponsor and coordinated efforts between the library and the school health center.  When I came across an article about a school in China, Maine that had started using FitDesks in a middle school math classroom, I knew these would be a great asset to the school library.  A FitDesk is essentially an exercise bike fitted with a desktop.  When used in a school setting, the FitDesks offer students a chance to get light exercise while doing what would otherwise be sedentary activity – reading or doing seated school work.  Additional  benefits of working at a FitDesk include  the ability to get re-energized and refocused during the school day, relieve stress, and have some fun while getting work done.

The school library is a hub of learning for our school community and we serve students of all levels and abilities, with wide-ranging learning styles and interests.  Because FitDesks provide a new and unique alternative for students in terms of how they choose to do their work – they are a natural fit for our school library.   In our library, students can choose to read or work in a comfy chair, at a table or computer workstation, either individually or in groups, and now they have the option to work at a `FitDesk!  

What we have discovered in the first couple of days of using the FitDesks is that they are extremely quiet, they are lightweight and easy to move if needed, and students think they are fun to work at!  Initial comments from students include “this is cool”, “it was fun”, and “I love this!”  Two teachers who stopped by to check them out commented that they would love to have a couple of FitDesks in their classrooms.

The FitDesks are a great addition to  our school library, representing one more way that we strive to create a learning environment that meets the needs of today’s students.  We anticipate that they will be used by students and our faculty in a variety of ways.  

Cathi Howell is the Librarian at Lincoln Academy