Portrait of Alejandro Ramos by Elizabeth Gilbert and Alyx York.

Alejandro Ramos ’16 of Spain.

Alejandro Ramos is a senior at Lincoln Academy, studying abroad from the eastern coast of Spain. Since the young age of three Alejandro has had a passion for studying abroad. With the help of a friend he found Lincoln Academy and now studies here with the help of financial aid. Although he found it difficult to leave his parents and younger brother during the financial crisis in Spain, Alejandro has become involved in just about everything Lincoln has to offer; from participating in debate, math team, science club, chess, speech, and MUN to playing sports such as cross country, swim and even co-founding Lincoln’s sailing team. Alejandro’s favorite subjects include math, science, and languages; he knows Spanish, English, French, German, Catalan, and is learning Italian and Latin. Recently, Alejandro was awarded the Maine Math and Science Alliance Prize and 3rd Prize for a Biological Sciences and Engineering entry at the Maine Science Festival at Cross Insurance Center in Bangor for creating a device to help prevent embolisms. A self-described “huge goofball,” Alejandro has found his place at Lincoln and his accomplishments make his family and community proud.

Faces of Lincoln Academy: What has surprised you most about LA?

Alejandro Ramos: The thing that surprised me the most is the immense number of clubs and activities that are offered to students. I never thought of doing half of the stuff I’m doing here, mainly because in no other country students have the opportunities that we have here.

FoLA: What is one thing you have learned at LA that you will always remember?

AR: I’ve learned that if you want something, you have to get it yourself. Don’t wait for someone to spoon-feed you. Work hard and results will, in one way or another, come. But you have to put yourself out there and be ready to fail, because we all fail at some point and it shouldn’t be a reason to stop trying.

FoLA: How have you changed since you got to LA?

AR: Hopefully I got “gooder” at English. No but seriously, I feel I have matured as a human and the idea of leaving my house and the life I had completely opened my eyes to the world around me. There are so many people to meet, places to go, things to learn, yet so much time.

FoLA: Who are 3 people in the LA community who have influenced you?

AR: Clearly Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Abbott, and Ms. Mooney

FoLA: Describe yourself in 3 words.

AR: Dedicated and passionate goofball.

FoLA: If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it?

AR: Flying, because it’s awesome.

Photo and text by Alyx York ’16 and Elizabeth Gilbert ’16