Lincoln Academy Main BuildingOn Monday, April 4 Lincoln Academy parents, teachers, and prospective parents are invited to gather for the spring Lincoln Academy Parents Association (LAPA) Meeting, which will take place from 5-6 pm in the LA Library, upstairs from the Main Office. The group will gather under the leadership of new LAPA Chair Allison Eddyblouin, the mother of one LA graduate and two current students.  “My goal is to have a place for parents, faculty, and administrators to communicate with one another about happenings in our educational community, from administration to the daily needs of students.”

The topic of the meeting will be “Navigating the Lincoln Academy Curriculum.” Parents are invited to bring their own questions, and share their experiences. Several teachers and administrators will participate in the conversation to add perspective.

The Lincoln Academy Parent Association is a group of Lincoln Academy Parents, prospective parents, teachers, and administrators gathering to support Lincoln Academy students. The group was formed in 2012.

For more information please contact new LAPA Chairperson Allison Eddyblouin at 563-7737, or follow the Lincoln Academy Parent Association Facebook Page.