A scene from the One Act play, "Beauty."

Seniors Chloe Gluchanicz and Sam Bailey in the Lincoln Academy One Act play, “Beauty.”

A public performance of Lincoln Academy’s one act play, “Beauty”, will take place on Thursday, March 17 at the Poe Theater, at 6:30 pm. After a brief overview of the festival, the cast will show their 35 minute play and take comments from the audience. This performance will give students the vital opportunity to try out their most recent material in front of a live audience, as well as raise funds for the State One Act Festival.

After winning the Midcoast Regional One Act Festival on March 12, the ensemble of “Beauty” received strong positive responses from judges and audience members.  At the same time, the cast and crew will face stronger productions and a new theater for their State level performance. Using audience critiques, judge’s feedback, and cast self evaluations, the ensemble continues to rehearse and restage the play, to clarify and strengthen the overall artistic level.


Students attending the State One Act Festival at Stearns High School in Millinocket on March 18 and 19 include Channing Nelson, Harrison Ransley, Nick Miaoulis, Caleb Eugley, Sam Bailey, Noah Jones, Levi McAtee, Ryan Kohnert , Jonah Daiute, Samuel Ransley, Ian Stapp, Miles Jackson, Ivy Laakso, Johanna Neeson, Shiann Keene, Thalia EddyBlouin, Noelle Timberlake, Chloe Gluchanicz, Addison Vermilion, Toru Fiberesima, Gabriel Kimbell, Cheyenne Gogolinski, Allison Wherle, Danielia Riddell.  All technical aspects of the play are handled by students, with technical advice from Letitia Munson. The play was written and directed by Lincoln Drama instructor Griff Braley.

Suggested admission is $5, with additional donations to support hotel and transportation costs greatly appreciated.