Lincoln Academy freshman Bryce York.

Lincoln Academy freshman Bryce York.

by Alyx York ’16

Bryce York is a freshman at Lincoln Academy. He lives in Nobleboro and went to Nobleboro Central School from kindergarten through eighth grade. His parents Darren and Michelle both went to Lincoln Academy, and his sister Alyx is currently a senior. Bryce is a member of the interact club and wants to join more clubs soon. His favorite subjects include math, english, and spanish. Bryce has been very involved in sports on campus, playing soccer in the fall and basketball in the winter. Although he does not play a spring sport at LA, he plays for the Maine Renegades AAU basketball program. Bryce tried out for the ninth grade team and was chosen among many talented athletes to represent the program. He travels to Westbrook twice a week for practices and plays in tournaments each weekend, some of which are held out of state. Bryce loves the game of basketball and works extremely hard to balance academics with his commitment to his team. He hopes to win a state championship at some point in his time at Lincoln.

Faces of Lincoln Academy: What has surprised you most about LA?

Bryce York: I am surprised at the amount of lunch time we have at LA, it’s great and very helpful.

FoLA: What is one thing you have learned at LA that you will always remember?

BY: One thing I have learned at LA that I will always remember is how many options there are for anyone with any interests. I’ve learned to take advantage of opportunities that come up at LA.

FoLA: How have you changed since you got to LA?

BY: I’ve changed a lot since I got to LA.  For one, I have learned to manage my time better, using study halls and lunchtime as well as working around sports activities. Also, I have learned to take advantage of the many opportunities LA presents.

FoLA: Who are 3 people in the LA community who have influenced you?

BY: My advisor, Mr. Leland, has influenced me very much. He is always positive and encourages everyone in our advisor group to try new things. Mr. Leland offers great advice in situations that come up and his room is always open and welcoming. My soccer coach and world history teacher, Mr. Suttmeier, has influenced me as well. Not only is he a great coach and teacher, but he understands the life of high school students and is always willing to help. Finally, even though many more names could be mentioned, Mr. Anastasio has influenced me. Due to my involvement in sports, he is always around and willing to help, as well as inspiring me and many others to work harder. These are just a few names that help make up the great LA community.

FoLA: Describe yourself in 3 words.

BY: Dedicated. Responsible. Athletic.

FoLA: If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it?

BY: The power to read thoughts would be interesting. I would use it to help those who are too afraid or shy to speak what they are thinking.