(L to R) Samantha Aho, John Jenkins, and Nicole Vess.

(L to R) Samantha Aho, John Jenkins, and Nicole Vess.

Lincoln Academy’s SAFE Plan™ Women’s Self-Defense Program is proud to announce the official selection of the first two Teaching Assistants for this course.

Ms. Samantha Aho and Ms. Nicole Vess, have been selected as the first two TA’s for this program.

Course creator and instructor John Jenkins was excited to submit this request for “two outstanding women leaders.” Both TA’s have successfully completed the Women’s Self-Defense course, while demonstrating the ability to teach and encourage others.

TA’s for this course are responsible for classroom preparation, course content, technique comprehension, and student participation, among other duties.

“As student leaders, these two women serve as important role models to course participants. As Lincoln Academy’s first self-defense TA’s, they will establish the high measure of qualifications for future TA’s,” says John Jenkins.

John Jenkins also provides courses in Martial Arts, self-defense, and Tai-Chi-Therapy Experience. For more information about these classes contact John Jenkins: jenkins@lincolnacademy.org / peptalk@peptalk.com.