Sebi Crocetti at Kroka

Lincoln Academy student Sebi Crocetti, of Bremen, is participating in the Kroka Expeditions Semester School during the spring of his junior year, learning outdoor and survival skills in the wilderness of northern New England and Canada.

Lincoln Academy junior Sebi Crocetti has completed the winter leg of his Kroka Expeditions Semester School program. During the first 13 weeks of the 19 week program, the group of high school students traversed and camped in the Uapishka Mountains in Northern Quebec, where temperatures dipped to a bone chilling -40 degrees F, hiked the Catamount Trail through Vermont while wearing ‘mickey mouse boots,’ and studied sustainability at Koviashuvik Local Living School in Temple, Maine. This folk school teaches primitive skills, sustainable living practices, permaculture and how to live in harmony with the Earth. Among other skills learned at Koviashuvik, students learned how to create beautiful pack baskets, starting from a tree.

The group has now returned to northern Vermont to begin their Spring Expedition, the final adventure in the Kroka semester program. In the coming weeks students will canoe over the Vermont border into Canada, and west through the waterways that will bring them to the top of Lake Champlain. From there, they will row in Lake Champlain south along the New York border to the Southwest corner of Vermont. Their final leg will be to bike across the southern part of Vermont, and return to Kroka’s base camp in Marlow, NH by June 1st. Sebi will graduate from the program June 11. He plans to return to Lincoln Academy to complete his senior year.