Arielle White in the FARMS Community Kitchen.

Lincoln Academy Senior Arielle White volunteering in the FARMS Community Kitchen.

by Arielle White ’16

I am a senior in Lincoln Academy’s Alternative Education program. One goal of Alternative Education is to use our community resources to not only learn and grow but to give back to our community. One of my teachers, Stephany Morris, worked with Karen Kleinkopf  in the fall of 2015 to arrange time at the FARMS Community Kitchen for our cooking class. Our class has been there as a group twice; I have been there four times and have arranged to keep going as a volunteer with K-8 students who visit the FARMS kitchen.

Karen works with kids to teach them more about cooking and eating healthy. Getting the kids involved in the cooking process is very important, and being involved helps them understand where our food comes from while also making them more willing to try it. The children are split up into groups, and each group is assigned to make a dish based off a simple and fun recipe. This week’s theme was sea greens. Each group of 3rd and 4th graders was given a recipe that incorporated fresh kelp. The goal of this theme was to teach children that there are things you can eat in the sea other than just fish. The kids came in ready and willing to learn. Each student was actively participating, and completed each task given with a smile.  Most of the children were willing and even excited to try new foods.

Lincoln Academy’s Alternative Education program not only cares about its students, but about the community too. I have been given great opportunities such as being able to work with students at the FARMS Community Kitchen and the ability to work with their wonderful resources. It has been such a pleasure being able to be in Alternative Education and work with Karen at the FARMS Community Kitchen.

Arielle White is a senior at Lincoln Academy, where she is part of the Alternative Education Program. She worked in the FARMS Community Kitchen as part of the LA Alternative Education Cooking Class.