Poppy Dong '16

Lincoln Academy senior Poppy Dong. Portrait by Elizabeth Gilbert ’16 and Alyx York ’16.

by Elizabeth Gilbert ’16 and Alyx York ’16.

Poppy Dong is a current senior at Lincoln Academy from Inner Mongolia, China. Her life in China is very different from her life here; Poppy’s mom runs two kindergarten schools, while her dad owns a tech company. Poppy is also very close with her 20-year-old brother and 18-year-old cousin. When Poppy decided that she wanted to study abroad, she gathered a list of schools, applied to several and then decided to attend Lincoln Academy, similar to the college process many seniors are now familiar with. The size of the school and the many educational and extracurricular activities attracted Poppy to Lincoln. This is Poppy’s third year at Lincoln Academy. Since coming to Lincoln, Poppy has become very involved in the school’s many activities. She has managed soccer, participated in lacrosse and field hockey, and is a member of Sigma Sigma Chi, National Honor Society, International Club, Outing Club, the Leadership program, and is also a senior mentor. Although she is busy with school, including AP courses, clubs, and sports, Poppy loves to hang out with her friends, and is a face that almost everyone at school knows. Poppy’s favorite classes include ceramics and calculus. Residential life is a very important part of Poppy’s life here at Lincoln. She has been a part of the program long enough to see it grow and become a huge part of the Lincoln Academy community, and was even one of the first students to live in the new dorms. The many weekend activities and day student involvement integrate residential students into the community. Poppy’s plans for next year include another big move to attend Michigan State University to study math and education.

Faces of LA: What has surprised you most about LA?

Poppy Dong: The surprising parts are how fast the residential program has grown, and how big the school has become. I have been here for three years now. To this day, we have had a new dorm, ATEC and turf field built. We have a baseball field on the way. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Lincoln Academy.

FoLA: What is one thing you have learned at LA that you will always remember?

PD: I think it is the school spirit. I will always be an eagle, even after I left the nest.

FoLA: How have you changed since you got to LA?

PD: I became more confident and independent, and my English improved a lot.

FoLA: Who are 3 people in the LA community who have influenced you?

PD: Mr. Stevenson, Ms. Sims, and Mrs. Mooney. My high school career would be different without them.

FoLA: Describe yourself in three words.

PD: Motivated, funny, reliable

FoLA: If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it?

PD: If I could have any superpower it would be the power of time. I would want to go back in time to prevent bad things from happening. Bombs, murders and accidents … etc. Plus I always want to see some dinosaurs.