LA_EAGLE_logo_2015-black-MA select group of Lincoln Academy students recently received commendation from their teachers as “most improved” in a subject at Lincoln Academy. Each received a certificate from their advisor, and tickets to the Sea Dogs game on May 1.

“The Portland Sea Dogs’ Most Improved Student Program gives our teachers an opportunity to recognize one student they feel has made significant academic gains in a particular class,” said Lincoln Academy Guidance Counselor Cynde Ferrill. “Our teachers welcome the chance to reward these hardworking students with a free ticket to a Sea Dogs’ game. At the game on May 1st, the Most Improved LA students were honored in a special ceremony on the field and their names were displayed on big video board along with other students from around the state.”

Lincoln Academy’s Most Improved Students in 2016 are: Ethan Carmolli, Keisha Cash, Julia Cheney, Cassidy Colby, Riley Cushing, Marguerite Eastman, Kat Estes, Ali Fabiano, Henry Geoffrion, Jaynee Goddard, Emma Goltz, Lydia Harris, Lilia Hayford, Noah Jones, Lucas Kelsey, Jenna Leeman, Jacob Maker, Brett McLain, Constance Mullin, Maggie Nevens, Dakota Nutter, Katie Palmer, Sequoia Patton, Sara Peavey, Garrett Prior, Lauren Pusey-Nazzaro, Brianna Ramsey, Isabelle Sawyer, Samantha Scofield, William Shaffer, Tess Sprague, Austin Teele, Skylar Thibeault, Ken Wang, Basel White, Asiah Wilmot, Amanda Wilson, and Olivia York.