Lincoln Academy

Lincoln Academy honored 40 students with Eagle Awards, recognizing students who maintained an academic average of 90 or above during their high school career.

On Wednesday, May 18 Lincoln Academy held a special assembly to honor this year’s Eagle Award Winners. Eagle Awards are presented each year to students who have maintained an academic average of 90 or above during their time at LA. This year 40 students met this high standard and received a rose and a certificate honoring their achievement.

The 2016 Eagle Award Winners are: Sam Bailey , Samantha Cameron , Nobonita Chowdhury , Nathaniel Courtenay , Siqi (Poppy) Dong, Elise Dumont , Alexander Enders , Claire Eugley , Elizabeth Gilbert , Cheyenne Gogolinski , Yongxian (Monica) Hao , Lydia Harris , Dana Hatch , Lauren Hunt , Luke Huntington , Andrew Hutchins , Anton Kalmysh , Sangi (David) Kim , Shiann Keene , Katherine Laemmle , Zhecheng (Eric) Li , Ethan Lowe , Johanna Neeson , Cong  (Thanh) Nguyen , Thao (Jamie) Nguyen , Alejandro Ramos , Margaret Skiff , Alyssa Smith , Abraham Steinberger , Avae Traina , Addison Vermillion , Braeden Waddell , Allison Wehrle , Kate Westhaver , Natalie Whitney , Ziwen  (Barry) Yan , Alyx York , Olivia York , Jiarong (Jeri) Zhan , Jie (Joe) Zhou.

See more photos of the Eagle Award ceremony and courtyard pictures at this link.