Students recognized for 2016 French Exam

These students were recognized for their performance on the 2016 National French Exam.

Lincoln Academy’s World Languages Department is proud to announce the strong performance of Lincoln Academy’s French students on the 2016  National French Exam. 72 Lincoln Academy students and more than 900 students in Maine participated in the exam at the high school level. Students placing in the top 20 places in the state will be recognized at an assembly on May 20th.  Lincoln Academy students have placed in the top twenty at each level within the state for the past twenty three years.

The American Association of Teachers of French also recognizes students for placing in the top ten positions in the country. Lincoln Academy is extremely pleased to recognize two students who placed in the top ten nationally, and 95th percentile on this year’s exams.  Katie Palmer placed 7th nationally at level II having also placed 9th nationally at level I in 2015; Lucas Bourgine  placed 5th nationally, and Elisa Serra placed 12th nationally and in the 95th percentile at level IV.

AATF is also recognizing students who place in the top 85th percentile nationally with medals.  Honorable mentions are Joseph Cleaves who place 14th nationally at level I; Gabriella Kimball who placed 12th Thanh Nguyen who placed 14th, Phoebe Pugh who placed 15th, Vincent Havens who placed 16th, and Noah Jordan who placed 17th nationally at level II. Elisa Serra placed 12th nationally at level IV.   Since 1994, Lincoln Academy has had forty-nine students place in the top 10 nationally on the National French Exam at all the levels of the exam.

In Level 1 Joseph Cleaves placed 14th (Bronze medal recipient), Samantha Aho placed 15th, Ezra Smith placed 17th, Annie Farnsworth placed 18th, Megan Rittall, and Cheyenne Gogolinski placed 19th in Maine. In Level II Katie Palmer placed 2nd in Maine and 7th nationally (Gold medal recipient), Gabrielle Kimball placed 5th in Maine and 12th nationally (Silver medal recipient), Thanh Nguyen placed 7th in Maine and 14th nationally (Bronze medal recipient), Phoebe Pugh placed 8th in Maine and 15th nationally (Bronze medal recipient), Vincent Havens placed 9th in Maine and 16th nationally (Bronze medal recipient), Noah Jordan placed 10th in Maine and 17th nationally (Bronze medal recipient), Nadia Smith placed 14th in Maine, Grace Wehrle placed 17th, Jack Li placed 18th, Colin Pennock and Kathryn Colomb placed 19th. In Level III Lauren Pusey-Nazzaro placed 12th in Maine, Julianna Preston placed 13th, Carly Ransdell and Noelle Timberlake placed 16th, Jennifer Arter placed 17th, and Can Yozgat placed 20th. In Level IV Lucas Bourgine placed 1st in Maine and 5th nationally (Gold medal recipient), Elisa Serra placed 3rd in Maine and 12th nationally (Gold medal recipient), Lucy Williams placed 16th in Maine. In Level V Allison Wehrle placed 7th, and Simay Tanriover placed 8th in Maine.

The National French Exam, Le Grand Concours, is a national competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF). Over  85,800 students in all 50 states competed in the 2016 event. Students are recognized at the state level as well as at the national level if merited. Students are evaluated for their written, listening and reading skills, as well as their knowledge of grammar, vocabulary and culture of France.