Pouring concrete for Bowers Field

Workers from McClintock Concrete pouring the dugout foundation on Lincoln Academy’s new John Bowers Baseball Field.

Hours before Lincoln Academy graduation on Thursday, June 2, Randy McClintick Concrete Foundations arrived at the construction site of the new John Bowers Baseball Field to pour concrete for the footings of the baseball dugouts. The wood dugout structures are being constructed in LA’s ATEC building by Industrial Arts teacher Shawn St. Cyr’s carpentry students with materials donated by Hancock Lumber and N.C. Hunt lumber.

“The dugouts represent a major cost to the baseball field project,” said Lincoln Academy Trustee Bob Baldwin ’62, who has been overseeing construction of the new field. “We are fortunate to have Lincoln Academy graduates in the concrete and construction businesses who were willing to donate their time and materials.”

All lumber and hardware for the dugouts was donated by N.C. Hunt and Hancock Lumber. Randy McClintock donated the forms and labor for the footings, and Auburn Concrete donated the concrete to finish the job. Hanley Construction of Bristol installed to gravel pads under the concrete. Workers on the job included Eric McClintick ’09, Nate Bryant ’12, and Isaiah Chase of Nobleboro, and Mike Young of Waldoboro.