Maine Media Workshop at LA

MMW+C Photographer Terrie Smith (R) sets up filming with Isabel Carlson (L) and other students in LA’s ATEC building.

On May 20, Maine Media Workshops and College visited Lincoln Academy to conduct a mini workshop with LA students, focusing on stop motion film. Maine Media Workshops and College is a private, internationally renowned art institute in Rockport, Maine. Along with degree and certification programs, Maine Media offers workshops, intensives and cooperative labs in the fine and media arts in photography, filmmaking, design, and book arts. The art institute’s mission is to “educate and inspire visual artists and storytellers.”

Maine Media Workshop at LA

Photographer Terri Smith of MMW+C films student Maggie Weiss, which Amanda Wilson Jaynee Goddard look on.

Freelance photographer Terrie Smith ran the workshop at Lincoln Academy and introduced LA students the many programs MMW+C has to offer high school students. During the workshop, LA students worked directly with Smith to make a stop motion movie. Students were involved in every step of the project, from brainstorming a concept, to the visual storyboard, costume and set design, and finally using a single lens camera and tripod to create the film. Many students were also “actors” in the short film.

“Maine Media is a local, internationally recognized school, which offers huge opportunities for high school students, especially those who may be interested in the visual arts, digital media of any kind, film production; basically visual storytelling in any form,” said Kirsten Campbell, LA art and metal sculpture teacher. “Not to mention the after-effect on students from workshops like this: opening students up to future possibilities they may not have otherwise known about right, and right in their backyard!”