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Wait… people SWIM in this ocean?!

We sure do.

This time of year the water is pretty chilly at around 50 degrees fahrenheit.  The boys in Hall House took a special trip to the beach to give that water a try…


And then they came right back out!!


Some of them MUCH quicker than the rest.


Meanwhile, at the group shelter, others barbecued and chatted.



We played football and soccer, badminton and frisbee.

DSC_1927 DSC_1928

We played in the sand.


I even taught them my favorite childhood trick that I call “The Tin Man”. You bury your legs in the sand up to your knees and then you can sway around without falling down, like the Tin Man in the movie The Wizard of Oz.


Of course, once you are stuck in the sand, you fall easy prey to friends!!


We had a wonderful trip. The weather turned out to be lovely and the bugs were non existent. The student swam, which is more than I can say for myself, and absorbed the sun and ocean air. This would be the last group trip before the Hall House seniors graduate in a few days.

They will be missed.


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