Helen Newell '18

Lincoln Academy sophomore Helen Newell.

One of Lincoln Academy’s fine student musicians is sophomore Helen Newell. She is a long-time performer in several areas of music, including playing clarinet and singing, but stands out as a violinist. She recently spent three days rehearsing and performing with Maine’s high school All-State Orchestra, her second year being chosen by audition for this honor.

As a toddler, Helen had a tiny violin in her hands while she sat on stage with her with other Newell family members during fiddling gigs. Soon she started official lessons through the Suzuki Method, and today she can be heard performing with the family band instead of being on the sidelines.

As a classical violinist, Helen has been a member of the Seacoast Orchestra, attended many fiddling and string quartet workshops, and plays with the Mozart Mentors Orchestra, which matches up students with professional mentors as they accompany large choral works at Bowdoin College. She, in turn, gets to mentor younger students as a member of the Preston Music Studio in Damariscotta, where she has continued Suzuki Method lessons with Carol Preston for the last seven years. Preston says, “Helen is warm and caring as she works with kids ages 4-10, who look up to her with stars in their eyes. She also sets a high standard for other students who see how hard she works to achieve her goals.”

As Helen looks to her future as a serious musician, she is seeking out new performance possibilities and has, so far, already been accepted as a member of the Midcoast Symphony Orchestra.