baseballfield9-8-16Next weekend, September 23-25, is Homecoming at Lincoln Academy, and there will again be a number of athletic offerings (soccer, field hockey, cross country, golf) over those three days. This year, however, one more sport is in the mix — baseball.

On Friday, September 23, at 6:30 p.m. as the traditional Homecoming parade reaches the top of Academy Hill, the new John Bowers baseball field will be dedicated at Lincoln Academy.

Located adjacent to the tennis courts and on the site of the former field hockey field, the new baseball facility is tucked into a perfectly-formed hollow that will provide appealing sight lines and a fantastic playing and spectating environment. The playing surface and the surrounding areas will prove to be one of the most beautiful baseball facilities in Maine.

Construction of the field, started last autumn, had progressed smoothly until the spring rains came. An early opening in 2016 had to be postponed, and the first competition on the field will now be in April 2017. It will be a welcome return for the team, coaches, and fans, as the Lincoln Nine have played and practiced at a rented field in Waldoboro for the last two seasons.

The dedication event will feature speakers from Lincoln Academy and from John Bowers’ family, and will incorporate elements familiar to baseball fans — including a ceremonial First Pitch.

Along with the field dedication will also be the unveiling of a memorial brick plaza just beyond the left field foul pole. In a program to support the Lincoln Fund, more than 200 personalized bricks were sold to members of the LA and local community. The plaza containing those bricks will be a permanent part of the baseball facility, and visitors will be able to get their first look at the area at the dedication.

The public is welcome at this special occasion, and participants are encouraged to arrive early since the ceremony will begin at 6:30 sharp.