Jake Abbott

Jake Abbot is the Lincoln Academy Dean of Students. Photo by Alexandria Fabiano ’19.

by Alexandria Fabiano

Jake Abbott was born and raised in West Gardiner, Maine. He attended Gardiner High School and after graduating in 1998, he joined a summer program through the NOLS, (National Outdoor Leadership School). He spent a month of this time backpacking the Alaskan tundra. After this, Abbott went off to college. He studied at St. Lawrence University, Prescott College, then finished up at the University of Maine System. After finishing college, Mr. Abbott  got a job at Cony High School working in an Alternative Education program. As that year came to an end, he got a job at Lincoln Academy as an Ed Tech in the Alternative Education Program. He soon moved up in position, becoming the Director of that program. When the residential program began and dorms opened on campus, Mr. Abbott  moved into the the Hall House Dorm and became a Dorm Parent with his wife, Missy and daughter, Emma.

Abbott is 36 years old and has been married for 14 years. He and Missy started dating in high school, but things did not last very long. Then, they re-kindled at St. Lawrence University where they both attended. Mr. & Mrs. Abbott have been together since, and have one daughter, Emma, who is in the fifth grade at the Center for Teaching and Learning in Edgecomb. They also have two dogs; a black lab, Buddy, and a Boston Terrier, Chloe. Abbott is honored to be the Dean of Students at Lincoln Academy. He is also honored to be a Dorm Parent. He loves his jobs, especially living with 25 boys and interacting with many more every day. He says, “This role is full of joys and challenges, but I love every moment of it.”

Faces of LA: What has surprised you most at LA?

Jake Abbott: Throughout 11 years at Lincoln Academy, what has surprised me most is how the students and teachers are willing to try new things, and accept change.

FoLA: What is one thing you have learned at LA that you will always remember?

JA: Believe in yourself and put your mind to it and it will happen.

FoLA: How have you changed since you got to LA?

JA: I started as an Ed Tech in alternative program, then became a student head, then I changed in wanting to help. Realizing that students come first. I changed my whole life style by living 40 minutes away to living right on campus.

FoLA: Who are three people in the LA community that have influenced you?

JA: [Associate Head of School] Andy Mullin, [Resident Life Director] Ken Stevenson, and Alejandro Ramos ’16

FoLA: Please describe yourself in three words.

JA: Caring, Funny, Supportive

FoLA: If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it?

JA: I would want to be able to fly. I would use it to explore the world from new and different perspectives.

“Faces of LA” is a Lincoln Academy student journalism project in which student writers profile members of the LA Community: students, faculty, and staff members. These profiles appear on the LA Website and the Lincoln County News with a photo portrait, also taken by student journalists. This profile is by Alexandria Fabiano, a sophomore in the Yearbook and Communications class.