LA Chef Mikael Andersson. Photo by Asiah Wilmot ’19.

by Asiah Wilmot

Chef Mikael Andersson is a new addition to the Lincoln Academy community this year. In his short time here Andersson has already introduced new things to the Lincoln Dining Services, such as the option of a sandwich bar every day during lunch. Andersson was born and raised in a tiny village outside of Linköping, Sweden. Though he is from Sweden, he has been to many places all over the world. He has lived in Wiscasset for 12 years with his 2 children, David and Linnea, and his wife, Kim. He enjoys cooking not only as his profession, but also as something he enjoys to do in his free time and at home, taking up hobbies like gardening. He was previously the executive chef at Colby College, and he found his way to LA through a friend who knew that Lincoln Academy was looking for a new chef. He finds the tight-knit community of students and faculty to be exciting, and is very happy that he is now a part of that. Many students at LA have noticed an improvement in the food since Andersson started as the chef.  “The food is way better than last year,” says LA senior Mattias Covell.

Faces of Lincoln Academy: What has surprised you most about LA?

Mikael Andersson: The friendliness and dedication of all the students and staff have been a really nice surprise, it is great to see everyone interact with each other during the meal periods and also in-between the classes, everyone really cares about each other.

FoLA: How have you changed since you got to LA?

MA: The “old ” me was always at work, even if I was home with my family I was always working on a upcoming dinner or function, never focusing on my own family. Working here at LA have given me the time and space that I needed to be home and have time to give to my kids.

FoLA: Who are 3 people in the LA community who have influenced you?

MA: It is hard to single out just 3 people, everyone here have influenced me. One person that I know that me and my team is looking forward to every week is when Michael comes into help us out. He is always full of life and energy and puts a smile on our faces even if we are down.

FoLA: Describe yourself in 3 words.

MA: Food-loving reader.

FoLA: If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it?

MA: My superpower would be healing.

“Faces of LA” is a Lincoln Academy student journalism project in which student writers profile members of the LA Community: students, faculty, staff, and alumni. These profiles appear on the LA Website and the Lincoln County News with a photo portrait, also taken by student journalists. This profile is by Asiah Wilmot, a sophomore in the Yearbook and Communications class.