On Wednesday, October 19th from 7:50 until 11:20am, we will administer the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) to all juniors.  This is a helpful practice test in preparation for the SAT. All grade 11 students should report to their assigned room by 7:50am.  Students who attend BRCTC or MCST vocational programs in the morning should remain at LA to take the PSAT.  Students who attend BRCTC or MCST in the afternoon will attend their vocational programs as regularly scheduled.  Freshmen, sophomores and seniors will have a regular school day, a “1” Day.  Juniors will test until lunch time and will then attend their afternoon classes, Period E, Advisory and Period F.

While the State of Maine is no longer paying for students to take the PSAT, Lincoln Academy will assume that cost for this year.  Also, there is no “make-up” day for the PSAT, so if a student is absent on this day he/she will miss the opportunity to take the PSAT.