la_eagle_logo_2015-black-mLincoln Academy’s first Eagle Term will take place this spring, from Monday, May 22 to Friday, June 9. Eagle Term presents a significant change to the LA schedule, and offers an opportunity for students to explore new coursework. The new program was described in an October letter from Head of School David Sturdevant as, “based on the idea of a ‘winterim,’ Jan plan, or May term that many colleges and some other independent schools employ in their scheduling. It is designed to let students explore areas of interest for which they might not normally have the time in their schedule. It also allows teachers to pilot new courses and teach short courses in an area of expertise or interest that they don’t usually get to pursue. During the three weeks of Eagle Term, students will be able to choose from a wide variety of courses, including some credit recovery options and some booster courses, enabling them to catch up or move to another level in their coursework.”

The proposed course list for Eagle Term is now available at this link. The description also includes more details about scheduling, requirements, and credit. Depending on interest from students, some courses listed may not run.

Overall, the Eagle Term schedule consists of four periods. Students are required to take courses all four periods, but may choose to take four one-period courses or one four-period course, or any other combination available. Only underclassmen are involved in Eagle Term, as seniors graduate about halfway through the term. Seniors will be using the first week to complete and present their senior shrines in their English classes, and they will participate in traditional activities such as marching practice, Senior Thank You Day, etc. In addition, we will be involving them in some senior seminars where they will learn about topics such as credit, banking and loans, insurance, what to expect in the workplace and/or college, job interviews, and more.

Students will be surveyed about their interests in the coming weeks, and signing up for courses later in the winter. In the meantime, questions about Eagle Term can be directed to the LA Guidance Office (563-3596 ext. 125 or 128), or to Head of School David Sturdevant (