Bob Plourde

Bob Plourde graduated form Lincoln Academy in 1989 and is the current President of the Lincoln Academy Alumni Council. Photo courtesy of Bailey Plourde.

By Bailey Plourde ‘17

Bob Plourde, 45, grew up in Lisbon, ME where he attended the Lisbon school system for kindergarten through seventh grade. He moved to Newcastle at age 13 and changed schools, attending eighth grade at Great Salt Bay, and Lincoln Academy for his high school career. Bob was part of Lincoln Academy’s class of 1989. He did not attend college, but quickly moved on into the workforce. He lived in New Hampshire and Massachusetts in his early adulthood. In 1995 he married Lynne Wright, Lincoln Academy Class of 1992, and in 1999 their daughter, Bailey was born.

In 2002, Bob, Lynne, and Bailey moved back to Newcastle where both Lynne and Bob had lived and attended high school. They opened a successful shipping business, now called Mail It 4 U, in 2003, which has been expanding since. Since 2003, Bob has been a member of the Lincoln Academy Alumni Council, and has served as president of the Council in the 2012-13 school year and the 2016-17 school year. He has also been part of the LA Boosters Club and was the founder of Lincoln Academy’s Sports Hall of Fame.

Faces of Lincoln Academy: What has surprised you most about LA?

Bob Plourde: Compared to when I was a student at Lincoln Academy I’m amazed at what forward thinking the school has done. The long term planning and thoughts are most impressive. Introducing the boarding program, reaching out to donors and being aggressive on an expansion plan of the campus. While I was a student, we never heard of the development office or the Lincoln Fund. The 4 years that I was at LA I really don’t recall an expansion or upgrades to any of the campus.

FoLA: What is one thing you have learned at LA that you will always remember?

BP: I think “diversity” is what sticks in my mind. When I was a student I went from a middle school in Lisbon of about 1,200 students then to Great Salt Bay Community School for my 8th grade year and then on to Lincoln Academy with about 450 students. It opened my eyes because everyone got to know everyone and it really highlighted what diversity was. With a small school and few students you really got to know everyone. The different backgrounds from Dairy Farmers of Newcastle to Fishermen of South Bristol and Carpenters of Damariscotta. Every person, it seemed, had a different lifestyle and as an individual you learn from that. It was a complete community in the school.

FoLA: How have you changed since you got to LA?

BP: Lincoln Academy helped me grow-up. I was not the model student but Lincoln Academy didn’t give up on me. I was not college bound but I was able to take advantage of all resources to help me figure out what path I was going to choose. Lincoln Academy helped me open my eyes and see I had a future in whatever it was that I wanted to do. The faculty were encouraging to all students in whatever it was they wanted to explore.

FoLA: Who are 3 people in the LA community who have influenced you?

BP: That’s a hard one I would say Mr. Grant who was a guidance counselor when I was there, he was helpful in guiding me to get in to SMTC (Southern Maine Technical College, now called Southern Maine Community College) after I had been out of school for 2 years. Mr. Day who was a Drafting teacher and always expressed to everyone that you can do anything you want in life. The overall biggest influence would be Mr. Page. He was and still is the face behind Lincoln Academy, as a coach, teacher and mentor he shows everyone the true spirit of the school.

FoLA: Describe yourself in 3 words.

BP: Courageous, Spontaneous and Thoughtful

FoLA: If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and how would you use it?

BP: I would want the power to be able to make everyone feel they are successful. Success is measured in many different ways whether it is financial, goal driven or just raising a child. Everyone is successful in one way or another and it’s important for everyone to have the feeling of being “successful.”

“Faces of LA” is a Lincoln Academy student journalism project in which student writers profile members of the LA Community: students, faculty, staff, and alumni. These profiles appear on the LA Website and the Lincoln County News with a photo portrait, also taken by student journalists. This profile is by Bailey Plourde, a senior at Lincoln Academy and a member of the Yearbook and Communications Class.