Pemaquid beach and the surrounding area have been inhabited for the last thousand years; first, by Native Americans, then British colonists. During the summer this beach is busy with locals and tourists alike, clamoring for the best sunbathing spots on the white sandy beach. When the summer season ends and the temperatures begin to drop, locals who weather the weather through the winter come out for leisurely walks on the beach, usually bringing their furry friends. Quite a few dorm parents at Lincoln Academy have pet dogs, which is a novelty to some students. The chance to take them for a walk on the beach is a great opportunity to get to know those dogs better!

Buddy (the Black Labrador) and Chloe (the Boston Terrier in the background), live in Hall House. They also happen to love playing ball!!


Lucky for them, the students do too!!

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The dogs got some great exercise running around the beach and both the students and dogs got a chance to meet some new four legged friends.


When the thickly furred dogs start to shiver with cold, you know that the time has come to go home.


Until next time, Pemaquid!