Jose Cordero hopes to bring his college admissions expertise the the LA Guidance Office, where he started working in July of 2016.

Jose Cordero brings his college admissions expertise to the LA Guidance Office, where he started working in July 2016.

By Nathan McIvor ’17

Husband and father; College Admissions Officer and now a High School Guidance Counselor, Lincoln Academy’s Jose Cordero has come full circle back to his native home of Maine from the University of California, Berkeley, a recent position in higher education, becoming “a guide for students who have or want to make plans for life after Lincoln Academy.”  His caseload includes all of the current residential students as well as some local students.

After receiving an M.A. in Higher Education from the University of Maine, Cordero worked for his alma mater as an Admissions Associate recruiting Maine students. He later transitioned to Multicultural Affairs before transferring to the Hutchinson Center, UMaine’s extension school, as their Student Services Coordinator.

Several years later he left Maine to become an Admissions Liaison for the College of Engineering at Berkeley, a busy period of his life, as “UMaine was enjoyable, but Berkeley felt like work,” Cordero says now, “hard work.” The juxtaposition of the two public institutions: Berkeley, the “Public Ivy” students from around the world want to attend, and UMaine, the regional research university, made an impression on Cordero, and affected how he performs his current job. He says: “students make their own education, a school is just an avenue for that, as a great education can come from schools with deficits.”

His current job as Guidance Counselor at LA allows him to the time to be a full-fledged father to his two sons, an improvement from his previous jobs. While at Berkeley, Cordero would sometimes be on the road for weeks at a time, which put strain on his family life.  These days, Cordero enjoys Maine’s safe community, and cites Lincoln Academy’s positive environment as the reason he enjoys his job, as “the teachers are passionate and students who come here do so by choice.”

Cordero aims to break down the barriers between residential and day students, so that both can benefit from Lincoln Academy’s unique environment.  As a guidance counselor primarily for residential students, he counsels both, and the challenge of his job requires him to understand the variety of upbringings and perspectives of his charges.

Living in Warren, he dedicates his spare time to working on old cars and spending time with his family.

Nathan McIvor is a senior at Lincoln Academy and an intern in the LA Communications Office.