The LA Choir, directed by Beth Preston, and the LA Band, directed by Liz Matta, performing together at last year’s Open Community Meeting. This year’s Lincoln Academy Open Community Meeting will take place on Friday, December 16 from 7:50-8:50 am in the LA gym. The public is welcome to attend.

On Friday December 16 from 7:50-8:50 am, Lincoln Academy will host an Open Community Meeting. Members of the public: parents, neighbors, alumni, grandparents, and anyone else with an interest in Lincoln Academy, are invited to come and experience this Lincoln Academy institution. Chairs will be set up in the gym to accommodate visitors, and both the band and choirs will perform.

Anyone who has been a student, parent, or staff person at Lincoln Academy in the last decade knows about the school’s Friday Community Meeting. Every Friday morning during the school year the entire school community of students and staff–more than 600 people–gathers in the LA gym for an all-school meeting.  

Community Meeting usually includes announcements of events and honors, whether they are academic, athletic, musical, theatrical, or extracurricular. Most meetings include a reading, an all-school trivia quiz, and spirit awards, and student performances and presentations. Sometimes there is a guest speaker or performer. In the last three years both sitting Maine Senators have spoken at Lincoln Academy: Susan Collins in 2014 and Angus King in 2015.

On Friday, December 16 the focus of the meeting will be on the band and choir performances. Together the two groups make up more than 100 students. They will be performing a combination of holiday songs and other music prepared for recent concerts.

Anyone interested in attending the Open Community Meeting on Friday, December 16 just needs to show up. No RSVP is necessary. The meeting begins at 7:50 am. Visitors can park in the lot across from the gym, enter through the gym lobby, and sit in chairs at the back of the gym.