Caption: LA Musicians who qualified for the District III Music Festival in band or choir. Back row: Riley Mercier, Sam Laemmle, Tommy Thelander, Emily Huber, Nick Mercer. Fourth row: Adlai Nelson, Quinn Straus, Channing Nelson, Gabe Fererro, David Ribiero, Lucas Steinberger, Sam Russ, Miles Jackson, Sammy Aho, Helen Newell, Erin Kelly. Third Row: Gus Hunt, Nathan McIvor, Thomas Jones, Chris Burrow, Jonah Daiute, Kayleigh Tolley, May Halm, Katherine Tolley, Emily Harris, Kate Peters. Second Row: Minjun Kim, Sequoia Patton, Caleb Eugley, Noelle Timberlake, Phoebe Pugh, Thalia Eddyblouin, Elisa Serra, Katie Palmer. Front row: Avery Lowe, Lily Goltz, Henrike Schweitzer, Phong Hoang Mai, Rachel Schuster, Alicia Long, Ian Stapp, Nadia Smith, Jenna Sullivan.

By Nathan McIvor’17

Forty-five Lincoln Academy students across band, mixed choir, and treble choir earned admittance into the Districts III Honors Festival, an annual event for for high school students curated for their exceptional musical abilities, which culminates in an ensemble performance in late January.

“The festival impacts our program by raising the level of musicianship.  Through audition preparation and festival experience our students gain new musical experiences which creates a positive impact on our program,” says Liz Matta, Director of Bands and Jazz Bands for Lincoln Academy.  Students agree. “I’ve made a lot of friends through it, it nice to meet new people, fell a new environment says Caleb Eugley, an admitted senior in Lincolnaires who has gone the past two years as well.  He notes that “getting a new conductor is an interesting experience because you learn a different style of rehearsing and find out how teachers other than your own rehearse their groups. I’ve made a lot of friends through it, it’s nice to meet new people in a new environment; their so open to talking, it’s easier to work than in Lincolnaires.”

Auditions took place at Camden Hills Regional High School in October.  Coming with a prepared piece, the students auditioned for a judge who specializes in their instrument or vocal pitch, in addition to playing scales requested by the judge and sight-reading a piece they had not seen before. The cutoff scores for each instrument or pitch are used as a measurement of whether a student has met the standards for admittance to the festival.

“It gives me a bigger sense of performing with people I’m not used to and learning to work as team; the point of Districts is to work together and rely on each other to rely as best we can”, remarks Eugley.  A total of three hundred thirty-seven students from across the area encompassed by Rockland, Freeport, and Augusta will participate this year, ensuring a musical legacy for years to come.

The two-day January festival occurs from Friday the twenty-seventh through the twenty-eighth, with the performance on Saturday afternoon. The ensembles will practice and perform traditional concert music.

Nathan McIvor is a senior at Lincoln Academy and an intern in the Communications Office.