A couple classes of second graders came to visit our residential students before Christmas break. They were there to learn about holidays from around the world; they had been studying them in. Our students had plenty to say! We had students from Denmark, Germany, Turkey, and Spain present on one of their favorite holidays.

Some celebrated Christmas in their country, other’s did not.The children were really interested in knowing
about the differences in what the residential students experienced. They came with a lot of knowledge and had plenty of good questions to ask our students. This was a great opportunity for both sets of students; for the little ones, learning about a different culture and for the big ones, practicing their English and getting to know families in the community. 

One presentation in particular stood out for the students because of the how funny the custom was: in the Catalan region of Spain, locals celebrate Christmas with Caga Tió, the “pooping log”. This is a hollow log propped up with two legs and a smiley face painted on the end and children feed the log treats so that on December 24th the log will “poop” out presents (once they have whacked the log). Of course, there is even a song to sing to get Caga Tió to poop out the presents….

…and (of course) we taught the kids that song.

The looks on the second grader’s faces were priceless!!

A log that poops and gives you presents?!

That is awesome.

Once they had learned and sang the song, we passed out treats as well.

This served to push them completely over the edge of reason….

and a wild party ensued!!

Aaron, one of our Spanish students, was asked to “do a push up”.

Within moments the whole class was piling on him!

There was even talk of making a Caga Tió for the elementary school for next year.

I imagine the kids would like that.