Fencing class

The LA Fencing Class practices Kendo, otherwise known as Eastern Fencing.

John Jenkins, martial arts champion and wellness instructor at Lincoln Academy, has announced that this winter the LA Wellness Department will host a 2017 International Intramural Fencing Championship at Lincoln Academy. Participants are students enrolled in the current martial arts class.

“Contestants are registering daily!,” said Jenkins. “Current countries represented are: United States, Vietnam, Russia, Denmark, and Japan. A division champion is crowned daily, and the final Masters’ Championship will be held the second week of February.”


LA Students practice Western Fencing with martial arts instructor John Jenkins.

Participants will demonstrate excellence in wielding words and swords, while demonstrating the guiding principles of “the Sword & Pen.” In order to advance in the Championship, contestants will demonstrate excellence in word play, western sword-play (Olympic Fencing), and Eastern Sword-play (Kendo).

The fencing program requires no prior experience, and is intended to be fun for all involved. The program is open to anyone in the Lincoln Academy community who would like to participate., Please contact John Jenkins (jenkins@lincolnacademy.org) for more information.