LA NHS Induction

Lincoln Academy’s 2017 National Honor Society Inductees. Front row: Olivia Richmond, Emma Allen, Taylor Holmes, Sam Laemmle, Cagney O’Brien, Caroline Fowler, Khloe Poland, Can Yozgat, Brinley Harrison, Logan Eckel, Jacob Maker. Middle row: Finn Dworkin, Lauren Pusey-Nazzaro, Theo Seidel, Levi McAtee, Tommy Thelander, Maya Bailey, Pheobe Pugh, Sammi Aho, Helen Newell, Shunjin (Jessie) Xu, Zhiqin (Sunny) Zhou, Katie Colomb, Basel White, Nate Masters. Back row: Grace Wehrle, Tahlia Mullen, Ashley Eugley, Hannah Davis, Lisa Howard, Sara Peavey, Madison Allen, Oakley Oliver, & Jon Pinkham

On Monday January 23 Lincoln Academy inducted 34 new members of the National Honor Society. The ceremony took place in the Lincoln Academy Alumni Dining Commons.

The National Honor Society (NHS) recognizes excellence in scholarship, leadership, character, and service at high schools nationwide. To be inducted into the Lincoln Academy chapter of NHS, students must maintain a grade point average of 88 by the end of sophomore year, and have completed a minimum of three trimesters at LA. Students who meet that criteria are invited to apply for admission to NHS. The application process includes student essays and three recommendations, as well as a faculty review.

Once inducted, the LA chapter of NHS uses the criteria of scholarship, leadership, character, and service to choose activities and service projects, which have included food, toy, and winter coat drives, and events to raise money for the LA Sunshine Fund, which helps Lincoln Academy families in need.

This year’s inductees selected Steve Cheff, a Lincoln Academy science teacher, as their speaker. Mr. Cheff used chemistry terms to describe inductees, describing them as “full of saline, that is, plenty salty,” and “having more kinetic energy than potential energy.” He advised the students to use their gifts and strengths to support fellow students, and remember that their educational success gives them the power to make a positive difference in the world.

The ceremony was led by NHS faculty advisors Maya Crosby and Amanda Armstrong, with help from NHS’s officers, LA seniors Mary Reid, Constance Mullin, Kaden Pendleton and Evan Eckel. As part of NHS induction tradition, each new inductee was called forward to light a candle and receive their NHS pin and a rose from a faculty member of their choice. Students chose faculty members that have mentored them in various ways: as advisor, teacher, house parent, coach, or club leader. After each student was “pinned,” David Sturdevant, LA’s Head of School, made a few brief remarks before the gathered students, faculty, family, and friends broke for punch and cookies and a group photo.

Newly inducted members of the Lincoln Academy chapter of the National Honor Society are: Samantha Aho, Emma Allen, Madison Allen, Maya Bailey, Kathryn Colomb, Hannah Davis, Finn Dworkin, Logan Eckel, Ashley Eugley, Caroline Fowler, Brinley Harrison, Taylor Holmes, Lisa Howard, Sam Laemmle, Jacob Maker, Nathan Masters, Bryan Levi McAtee, Tahlia Mullen, Hellen Newell, Cagney O’Brien, Oakley Oliver, Sara Peavey, Jon Pinkham, Khloe Poland, Phoebe Pugh, Lauren Pusey-Nazarro, Olivia Richmond, Theo Seidel, Thomas Thelander, Grace Wehrle, Basel White, Shinjin (Jessie) Xu, Can Yozgat, and Zhiquin (Sunny) Zhou.

More photos of individual inductees and the rest of the ceremony are posted on the LA Flickr page.