By Nathan McIvor ’17

LA college panel

Recent Lincoln Academy graduates (L) talk to LA seniors (R) about their college experiences at the Lincoln Academy College Panel on January 10.

On January 10, the Lincoln Academy Guidance Office invited recent LA graduates to share stories of their college experiences with this year’s LA seniors as they contemplate their next steps. Thirteen alumni made up the panel, which was attended by the entire Lincoln Academy Class of 2017.  Largely made up of graduates from the class of 2016, the panel took questions from the audience, as well as prompts from the Guidance Counselors who hosted the event, in order to aid rising seniors in understanding life in college.

Transitioning to the college workload occupied most of the discussion, with Liam Brinkler ‘16 of University of Maine, Farmington assuring students that despite the heavier workload they will have significantly more time to complete assignments. On a less assuaging note, Angus Fake ‘15 of the Pratt Institute, an art school in New York City, claimed to be “up to 2 AM doing studio work” on a regular basis. The level of difficulty, the panel concluded, can often be determined by the curriculum of an individual school. On the issue of time management,  Kylee Plourde’14 of the University of New England in Biddeford recommended that all students keep a planner to help them in managing their time, an idea affirmed by the other alumni.  

Other issues brought up included campus dining, with Sam Bailey ‘16 of Boston Conservatory claiming shrimp cocktail to be a normal dinner option at his school, but admitting that meals came with high fees at his institution. Several alumni explained how it is more cost-effective  prepare one’s own meals than to opt for a more expensive meal plan.

 “Often,” noted Fake, “I would rather have one nice dinner [in the dining commons] a day, rather than spend more money on services that I could do myself.”

The panel concluded with the group encouraging the seniors that regardless of whether they go on to their top-choice schools, they approach their freshmen year with optimism.  “I went into it with a positive attitude” said Kate Westhaver’ 16, of University of Maine, “and found that it made all the difference.”

Nathan McIvor is a Senior at Lincoln Academy and an intern in the Communications Office.