“Lunar New Year” is a term used to describe the celebrations that happen on around the new year in countries that use a luni-solar calendar, like China, Vietnam, and South Korea. We happen to have students from those demographics here at Lincoln Academy and every  year the students and dorm faculty gather together to make a giant party. Much like Christmas in the U.S., Lunar New Year celebrations typically involve an Eve. On that day you might see families gathering together for a special dinner. This year, our students began making food on Lunar New Year’s Eve and had a chance to use the dining commons (and the gracious chef’s assistance) to assemble the ingredients.

We had some students making Thai wonton’s.

Others made Chinese meatballs and Korean BBQ.

Many students gathered together to make this meal a success! Cooking together (and eating what you make) is one of the best bonding experience’s you can have in the dorm.

In China in particular, dumplings are a key food in the celebration process. We made over 350 dumplings by hand!

Many hands make light work…

In between work, you might even see students playing Mahjong.

Meanwhile, the kitchen was buzzing as other students finish their dishes.

Family and friends gather together on the New Year, and this is no exception in the dorm! One of our students was visited by their Host Mom from Christmas vacation, who brought along a gift made by her students to celebrate the New Year (this year was the year of the rooster).

The food was so good. The line to eat was very long. I spent all my time serving and did not get any photos of students eating and enjoying food!

After dinner we had ice cream sundaes and karaoke in K.B. Hall.

By that time, everyone was in a spectacular mood!

We upped the energy even more by having fireworks outside. In China, the story goes that fireworks were used to scare away Nian, a dragon that was attacking a village. Ever since that day people have used fireworks to celebrate Spring Festival (the name of Lunar New Year in China).

For some, not being home for the Lunar New Year is especially tough.

 You could tell that some students were missing their family.

We can only imagine how tough that is to be so far away on such a big holiday. The strength of the relationships between students and dorm parents are strong. During times like these, we hope that they can lean on us all for support… and find comfort in the fact that though we are not related by blood, we are very much like a family.

In the meantime…. bigger fireworks?

Happy Lunar New Year!!