2016 Short Story Coffee House

The emcees at the last year’s Short Story Coffee House were Chase Harris (L) and Liam Cullina (R), who are current sophomores at LA. This year’s Lincoln Academy Short Story Coffee House will be held on Wednesday, March 15 at 7 pm in the LA Dining Commons.

By Ellie Mathews and Lucas Steinberger

A tradition continues again this year for Lincoln Academy English Teacher Patti Sims and her two Freshman Honors English classes. For the last several years, “The Bard House: Short Story Coffee Hour” has been a point of enjoyment for students, and a great way to present the work they have put into this class. The Bard House: Short Story Coffee Hour is an event that takes place in Lincoln Academy’s Dining Commons, and features the Freshman Honors English Classes’ short stories that students have been working on over the past month or so. This year’s program will take place on Wednesday, March 15 from 7-9 pm.

Two short stories are chosen to read completely, and the remaining will also get their chance to shine, as everyone reads a “teaser” excerpt from his or her story. The chosen featured short stories are by Stuart McNaughton and Quinn Straus. McNaughton’s story titled the “The Lumberjack” focuses on a lumberjack in Maine who learns some important lessons about his work. Straus’s story, “The Perfect Child,” is a story that follows the life of a genetically engineered teen who struggles among his peers. “My story deals with the ethics of genetically engineered people being superior. I wanted to create a story with this topic because it’s applicable to science right now,” says Straus.

Some of the many teasers include “Key Keys” by Jojo Martin, which follows the life of a renowned pianist searching for his perfect song, and “The Accidental Death” by Emma Hall, a story about a girl’s out-of-body experience in the face of adversity.

To make the event a real coffee hour, the audience can munch on goodies and sip tea and coffee while they listen to the short pieces prepared for this event.

The Bard House: Short Story Coffee Hour is quite a production, and there are many people involved to make sure it runs smoothly. Each Freshman Honors English member has a role in helping out. The classes have been organized into committees, each of which is lead by one or two chair members. In charge of food and drink are Ben McMannis and Quinn Straus, assisted by Ava Toscano and Maddy Kelly. The program and invitation Chairs, responsible for making all the invitations and the programs for the coffee hour are Benji Pugh and Emma Hall, assisted by Aidan Stearns and Ellie Mathews. The production of the prominent banner that will hang behind the readers is headed up by chairs  Addie Mullin and Liam Zuber, assisted by their crew of Adlai Nelson, Greta Carlson, and Sam Richards. The set-up crew, responsible for making the atmosphere aesthetically pleasing is headed up by Toby Seidel and Stuart McNaughton, assisted by Anna Drake, Tiger Cummings and Natashah Corlis-Braanan. The breakdown committee chairs are Josie Mathiau and Cameron Nelson, assisted by Kaleb Brackley–Prowdy. The  “usher” for the night, in charge of making everyone feel a bit more welcome with his sparkling personality is Galen Daley-O’Donnell. Our MC’s, bringing the witty banter and clever comments, are Jojo Martin and Erin Dworkin. Our journalism committee co-chairs are Ellie Mathews and Lucas Steinberger. All of the committees report to the real boss: Ms. Sims.

“Both classes have put in a lot of hard work into this class this year, and this is a great way to showcase that hard work,” says Adlai Nelson, one of the event’s featured authors. The Bard House: Short Story Coffee Hour is to be held in the Lincoln Academy Dining Commons, from 7-9 pm on March 15, 2017. The event is free and the public is invited to attend.

Ellie Mathews and Lucas Steinberger are ninth graders at Lincoln Academy. They are students in the honors English classes that will present their short stories at “The Bard House: Short Story Coffee Hour” on March 15 in the LA Dining Commons.