Webb Family Farm, located in Pittston, has been family run going on four generations. They offer organic grains, beef, and organic jersey milk. I grew up on this farm, playing in the barns and bouncing around on hay bales for most of my childhood. I remember summer days of running around pastures, hopping over dried cow patties, and tearing through the purple clover. I was extremely lucky to have a childhood that offered me such a deep connection to nature, to our food cycle, to animals and plants that provide us with food. As a dorm parent, I make a goal of visiting Webb Family Farm at least a couple times a year to introduce the students the the kind of childhood I had (and that many Maine people still have) and to help them feel that same connection, even if only for a couple hours.

Most our students have only ever lived in big cities.

So, you can imagine what going to a farm might feel like for them:

After the dairy barn, we trekked through the mud and snow to find the pigs.

Then we saw the draft horses. Webb Family Farm strives to use horse power as much as possible.

Watching those big horses roll around in the snow like ponies is something else.

These horses are fantastic to see up close. They are gigantic and incredibly sweet.

After the horses, we went to the sugar house. Maple syrup production has been slow this year but there was enough for us to get a sense of the process and to see where syrup all begins….

Right from the tree.

If you have any interest in joining Webb Family Farm’s Jersey Milk CSA (or have questions about any of their other products), contact Katie Webb at (207) 446-6520 or email webbfamilyfarm@yahoo.com