Lincolnnaires Riverside

The Lincoln Academy Lincolnnaires, directed by Beth Preston, sing in New York City’s Riverside Church as part of the World Strides Heritage Festival on March 31. Photo courtesy of Kim Tolley.

Once again in 2017, the Lincoln Academy Lincolnnaires won Gold at the World Strides Heritage Festival in New York City. The LA choirs travel to New York every other year (alternating with the LA Wind Ensemble), to see the city sights and sing for a panel of judges as part of a national high school choir festival.

On the four-day trip the 42 student singers, who are all members of Lincoln Academy’s two choirs (Concert Choir and Lincolnnaires) attended two Broadway Shows, visited the 9-11 Memorial and the Empire State Building, and participated in a Broadway workshop with an actor from Miss Saigon. They also sang in front of judges at the World Strides Heritage Festival.

“The judges particularly liked our song selections,” said Lincoln Academy’s Choir Director Beth Preston. “Students select their own songs, based on suggestions I make every year. The songs included in this year’s program included the English Madrigal, ‘All Creatures Now are Merry Minded, and ‘Stars’ which was accompanied by students playing four crystal goblets. We closed with the traditional Lincolnnaires anthem, ‘Loch Loman.'”

Choirs NYC

LA Choir students pose after a Broadway workshop with actor Billy Bustamante, a cast member in the Broadway show Miss Saigon. The students saw Miss Saigon on Thursday night, and worked with Mr. Bustamante on Saturday, learning a song and choreography from the show. Photo Courtesy of Kim Tolley.

“In the Lincoln Academy music program we feel that every single student should get to go to New York, and not just the kids that can afford to pay, so every kid who wanted to go, got to go. This was made possible by amazingly generous donors in our community, and a grant to cover the educational opportunities, including the Broadway workshop and the 9-11 Memorial. I would also like to thank our parent chaperones. We could not take this trip without them.” 

Singers returned to Lincoln Academy on Sunday afternoon, bringing back a trophy and plenty of memories from the big city.

“It was an incredible, eye-opening experience,” said LA ninth grader Amelia Rosko, who sings in Concert Choir. “The world of New York was handed right to us.”