The three Stones, played by (from left): Lincoln Academy alumni Joe Lugosch ’08, Mary (Herndon) Boothby ’93, and current LA senior Thalia Eddyblouin ’17.

On Monday, April 24 about 85 Lincoln Academy students and their teachers were invited to watch a preview of the Heartwood Regional Theater Company’s production of Eurydice, which officially opens on Thursday, April 27 at the Poe Theater on the LA campus.

Eurydice, written by playwright Sarah Ruhl, is a modern retelling of the myth of Orpheus. It is a love story, and also a story about fathers and daughters, and life and death. The cast of seven is made up of four professional actors and three local actors, including Lincoln Academy senior Thalia Eddyblouin.

“Doing the play for my peers was interesting because I was using all of the things that we had all talked about in English class during the year,” said Eddyblouin after the show. “I hope that they were truly able to see the beautiful language at work.”

Steve Sheema (foreground) as Lord of the Underworld and Thalia Eddblouin (background) as the Loud Stone in Eurydice.

The students who watched the play came during a long period during the school day. Teachers Alison Welch (French), Thomas Kothe (English), Seth Anderson (English), Griff Braley (Acting), and Jenny Mayher (Communications), brought their classes to the Poe for the production.

“The Poe’s production of  Ruhl’s Eurydice offered students the opportunity to appreciate how a playwright draws upon the rich tradition of classical myth to inform her own work,” commented English teacher Seth Anderson, who brought one of his senior AP English sections to see the production. “Throughout the year students have explored how an author creates tension and ambiguity by playing with opposing ideas and emotions. Eurydice portrays life and death, love and grief, remembering and forgetting. An added bonus was watching one of our own students, Thalia Eddyblouin, deliver a rock-solid performance!”

LA senior Annie Farnsworth was surprised by what she saw: “it wasn’t what I was expecting,” she said, “it was like Greek myths meeting Alice in Wonderland. It was great, and I am hoping to get a chance to see it again.”

“The actors and actresses were very engaging and energetic,” said sophomore Alison York, “making it hard not to enjoy the performance.”

“The contrast between the comedy and tragedy scenes kept the play interesting and engaged the audience, especially the high school students,” said senior Bailey Plourde.

Previewing the show for students during their last week of rehearsal gave the cast and crew of Eurydice an excellent opportunity to perform in advance of official opening night on Thursday.


Actors Cliff Blake (Father) and Gina D’Arco (Eurydice) play father and daughter in the Heartwood production of Eurydice, which opens Thursday, April 27 at the Poe Theater.

“The cast and I were thrilled to show the play for the very first time to a student audience,” said LA performing arts teacher and Heartwood Artistic Director Griff Braley. “We were pleased with the level of interest and attention. I’m looking forward to some good conversations with students about what they saw. I’m thankful that a number of teachers decided to join us – it’s a big commitment at this busy time of year.”

Heartwood’s Eurydice shows April 27 – 29 at 7:30 PM, April 30 at 3:00 PM, and May 4 – 6 at 7:30 PM. Tickets are $5 for students and $25 for adults at all shows except Thursday, May 4, which has $20 tickets. For reservations contact Heartwood Theater at 563-1373.